How Do I Know If My Tenant Is Maintaining My Property?

One of the biggest concerns our out of state landlords have about hiring a property management company is knowing whether or not the tenants are maintaining their investment property.

I have had many landlords contact me to take over the management of their Henderson property because they have received repair bills in the thousands for damages caused by their previous tenant, because their previous management company only inspected the property once a year.

And to make matters worse, some property management companies actually charge an extra fee for additional inspections.

One of the most important responsibilities of a property management company is to make sure their clients’ real estate investments are being maintained. Actually, a good property management company can actually help the value of a home.

It’s very important that in the property management agreement it states that the property manager will conduct at the bare minimum an inspection of the property, inside and out, at least every 6 months.  At my property management company in Henderson, we conduct a property inspection every four months to ensure the tenant is maintaining the property and to minimize any chance of future damage or neglect.  

With that said, if the tenant wants to damage the property prior to moving out, there is nothing a property manager can do to prevent this.

What’s Involved In A Property Inspection?

An inspection should be a quick walk through of the property to minimize any inconvenience to the tenant.

A property manager is only looking to ensure there is no damage to the property, property is kept in good condition, air filters are being changed, no water leaks and there are no unauthorized guests or pets staying at the property.  

Whenever possible, a property manager should have the tenant sign the walk through inspection report as it provides evidence that the property manager did in fact conduct an inspection.  This helps protects the property manager from any future claims by the landlord if the tenant were to move out of the property and causes thousands of dollars of damage to the property.

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